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Tokoroa WWTP Pre UV Micro screening


The microscreen was positioned before the UV system in the role of back up filtration to the clarification stage at the Tokoroa WWTP. The filter guarantees the efficacy of the UV system.

Water quality requirements are becoming tighter with increasing environmental concerns. It is recognised that whether a result of biological process upsets or due to slow settling characteristics of certain small particles, effluent from waste water treatment plants often contain excess of total suspended solids (TSS). Since microfilters filter out ALL particles larger than 20 to 40 microns their utilisation not only significantly improves the plant effluent parameters but also enhances the plant operating reliability.

Reduction of the suspended solids content simultaneously results in the decrease of other undesirable constituents including BOD, COD and P. Many underperforming or borderline existing wastewater treatment plants can readily be brought to compliance simply by micro-filter installation.


Western Bay of Plenty District Council Te Puke WWTP Head works screen upgrade

Hunterville Toveko<sup>®</sup> Sandfilter

Replacement of the current step screen with a all in one screening and compactor. Johnson Screens provides screening solutions for a wide range of applications across various industries. The Contra-Shear™ Screen compactors combine screening and compaction within a single unit. The SC range of screens is extremely cost effective – lower outlay and operational costs without any compromise to performance, reliability or asset life.


  • High quality and reliability at low costs
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Retrofit capability into existing channels
  • Stainless steel fabrication
  • Reduced disposal costs with screenings press
  • Reliable and automatic self cleaning operation


Western Bay of Plenty District Council Maketu WWTP upgrade

Hunterville Toveko<sup>®</sup> Sandfilter

The package treatment plant combines screening, grit and grease removal within a single compact unit. This space and cost-saving design is used for the pre-treatment of sewage from cesspools and Imhoff tanks.




Hunterville Toveko® Sandfilter

Hunterville Toveko<sup>®</sup> SandfilterHunterville required tertiary water treatment after their ponds before discharge and chose the Toveko® Continuous Backwashing Sandfilter to remove suspended solids, phosphorus and to pilot an innovative waste water

The S-300 filter for this application will process up to 25 m³/h


Ohakune Septage Receiving Facility Custom Designed

Ohakune Septage Receiving Facility

Ohakune is located in the Central North Island and is a relatively quiet place during most of the year, however during the ski season the population swells and so does the amount of septage which is shipped off the mountain daily with up to 80,000 litres per day.

The Wastewater Treatment Plant has a step screen before the ponds providing screening, however the resource consent limits the septage flow to 5 LPS into the pond.

The Ruapehu District Council needed a septage receiving solution which took a full truck as quickly as possible but discharged slowly into the step screen.  They also wanted to be able to record how many loads were going through per day. Brickhouse Technologies designed, manufactured and installed a septage receiving facility to do just that.


  • Individual driver logon and record of flow
  • Receives at 100 LPS
  • Discharges at 5 LPS
  • Duty and standby chopper pumps
  • SCADA compatible
  • Low maintenance


Pukekohe Inlet Works – Exceeding performance expectations

Pukekohe Inlet works

Successful compact design with customised features

Werkstoff & Function Sandwasher achieving corn free grit with 5% organics and grit solids > 85%

Reliable and Rugged Sam McCoy Step Screens AND Presses achieving Screening solids > 40%


Huntly RAS100 Septage Receiver


Huntly is located between Auckland and Hamilton and recently their oxidation ponds needed upgrading.  Part of the upgrade was stopping septage trucks from discharging directly into the ponds to reduce loading and the solution was a septage receiver.

Septage Receivers are becoming more common at Wastewater Treatment Plants.  Septage receivers provide a user pays mechanism for the council, reduce the effect of discharging large volumes of raw septage into a plant and provide a coarse screening mechanism.

A European septage receiver is an option however these are a small piece of equipment, which is designed for a septage of a 4-6% solids consistency.  NZ septage is a thicker 8-12% solids, often with rocks.  The European septage receivers are suited to applications of domestic septage from regularly cleaned septic tanks.

Huntly required a reliable septage receiver that could be located remotely.  The septage receiver needed to truly discharge in 5-10 minutes without blockages and overflows.  Drivers needed to log on and their be flows recorded.  The solution was the Brickhouse RAS100.


Step Screen and Screenings Press – Ngaruawahia WWTP


The robust Sam McCoy step screen unit was recently installed at Ngaruawahia WWTP to screen raw inlet effluent and protect the upgraded pond system.

In the midst of the Waikato Region and situated close by to the Waikato river is the Ngaruawahia Wastewater Treatment Plant facility, which has undergone a comprehensive upgrade over the summer of 08/09.  A critical component of this upgrade has been the installation of an inlet step screen and screenings press, supplied and installed by Brickhouse Technologies.  Waikato District Council chose the Sam McCoy Stepping Screen, a brand with many installations across the Tasman.  This decision followed detailed reference checks of the Australian installations by the specifying engineers where the common feedback was about the dependable and robust nature of these screens.  The Fine Stepping Screens are manufactured in Malaysia by the ISO certified company Sam McCoy, equipped with the best in German manufacturing equipment.  Their screens have origins from a Danish design which for many years they built under license for the European market.  Over the past 10 years Sam McCoy have created their own brand of water and wastewater treatment products.  Their Fine Stepping Screens follow the company’s philosophy of building robust and dependable equipment that requires little maintenance, therefore meaning few if any aftersales headaches for both the company and their worldwide network of distributors.

The exclusive New Zealand distributor is Brickhouse Technologies, who have developed a company that services the water and watewater industries with quality and innovative equipment.  Brickhouse Technologies is the result of the vision to create a joint venture interest between two long standing and respected companies, Chenery Contracting and Proline Plastics. Their skillset includes advanced 3D computer design, with qualified mechanical engineers and two well-equipped workshops.  Brickhouse Technologies also has the capacity to design equipment specific to a projects exact needs, if the solution is not available elsewhere in the world! The installation of Brickhouse Technologies purpose built Septage Receiver Station is testament to this.

At Ngaruawahia WWTP it becomes evident that the robust and dependable Sam McCoy inlet screening equipment will soon be as well recognised on this side of the Tasman as it is on the other.  In fact, at the time of writing, a further installation has since been completed with more NZ installations yet to come.   A futher reason why the Sam McCoy Fine Stepping Screens should become a well known name is the amount of flow control built in as standard.  Brickhouse Technologies commissioned the local company CAB Electrical to custom build their switchboard control to specifically suit the NZ market.  With experience in switchboard development, they integrated ultrasonic level control of flow height – giving the step screen more flexibility than typical probe control.  This enables multiple flow height inputs to be linked to a range of outputs.   Just another reason why the Ngaruawahia WWTP will not be alone with a Sam McCoy Fine Stepping Screen, a cost effective yet advanced option that is proudly supplied by Brickhouse Technologies for inlet screening works.

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