Asset protection

Brickhouse Technologies recognises the importance of each application and the environmental service it provides. For that reason, we want to start our customers with the very best equipment we can source through a rigorous process, then offer service contracts that optimise the economic life of the equipment from day one.

Design and product selection

Brickhouse Technologies has a strong in-house team of engineers with extensive experience in both process and plant design. The team is focused on walking our customers through the full field of product and design options that are available to them.


It is evident to the Brickhouse Technologies team that the requirements of many customers change over time. There is a large array of inputs that need to be considered in both the product/process selection, and design layout. The Brickhouse team will work with its customers to consider the longer-term implications for our customers.

National coverage

Brickhouse Technologies recognises the importance of face to face contact. As a business with a long-term view to supporting this market in New Zealand and Australia, we have a large team strategically located to support our business.

System design

Brickhouse Technologies appreciates the importance of conceptualising a fully considered process before progressing with implementation. The most economic way to assess and make adjustment is in the design stage. This applies to the layout and product selection.

Turnkey solutions

Brickhouse Technologies offers the option to take much of the challenges of commissioning away from the customer by offering turnkey solutions. Whether a large municipal plant or an industrial application, the turnkey option makes the start-up process a lot easier, simpler and safer for you.

Service and maintenance contracts

In addition to supplying the solution, Brickhouse Technologies has both the reliability and longevity of its systems in mind. Our team of trained technicians have a sound understanding of what we sell and can provide multiple levels of service and maintenance contracts.

Remote monitoring and support

Brickhouse Technologies will protect your asset and its performance by staying at the forefront of the evolving technology in its many shapes and forms. Our intention is to review in partnership how we can tailor monitoring specific to the customers needs.

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