Advanced Microbial Treatment Technology For Waste Stabilisation Ponds

AquaMats® Process technology provides a means to upgrade existing pond systems, improving discharge quality to meet new, higher standards and potentially increasing processing capacity by a factor of up to ten times.

Pond-based technology is one of the most common means of treatment of wastewaters from cities and towns, industry and agriculture. The simplicity, efficiency and effectiveness of a pond treatment system, known by various names such as oxidation pond, facultative pond or sewage lagoon, provides a cost effective solution to the waste treatment needs of the community or organization. Increasingly, such pond-based systems are being asked to meet higher treatment performance standards frequently in conjunction with increased influent loads.

AquaMats® Process Technology provides a low capital and operating cost solution to the upgrade of an existing pond-based system to meet more stringent treatment needs. The key component of an AquaMats® Process upgrade of a pond system is the addition of an integrated network of AquaMats® biomass support media and associated bottom deployed aeration tubing throughout the pond. This may be combined with other upgrade options such as inlet works or hydraulic retention time optimisation but, in essence, the AquaMats® Process upgrade enables the manipulation of the well-understood critical operational parameters of traditional waste stabilisation ponds, being:

  • Biomass nature and quantity
  • Nutrient & oxygen supply to this biomassAquaMat
  • Hydraulic residence time in the WSP system.

Key Product Applications

  • Municipal wastewater
  • Industrial wastewater
  •  Dairy shed wastewater
  • Abattoir wastewater
  • Piggery wastewater
  • Pulp and paper wastewater

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