Combined Inlet Works

Combined Screening, Grit and Grease Removal

combined screening

Brickhouse Technologies offer the compact unit comprising of inlet screen, screenings wash press and cylindrical grit separator all in one from Werkstoff + Function.

The compact unit combines a rake screen of adaptable gap size with an aerated circular grit settling tank. The circular tank ensures very stable grit removal efficiency over a wide range of flows, which is difficult to attain with standard channel type grit removal systems. The system comes with integrated screenings compactions and grit extraction. As an optional extra the system can be fitted with a grease and fat removal system.

The compact unit combines all the necessary inlet functions within the one unit, offering a typical space saving of up to 50%. This makes it not only ideal for restricted sites but also offers large savings on any associated site and building capital costs. With an optional integrated emergency bypass the unit is also capable of reducing potential pipe
work costs.

All process units are completely enclosed and are designed for low maintenance and energy requirements. The system is built to meet and often surpass the exacting German standards in design, manufacture and regulatory requirements. The Werkstoff + Function Compact Unit is an excellent alternative in a compact package providing flow from70-940 m³/hr.


The Johnson Screens Package

combined screening

The package treatment plant combines screening, grit and grease removal within a single compact unit. This space and cost-saving design is used for the pre-treatment of sewage from cesspools and Imhoff tanks.

Raw sewage enters the tank and first passes through a Vee-Wire® or perforated plate screw screen which captures mostly inorganic solids greater than the screen opening. These solids are compacted in the screw screen and discharged while the screened sewage flows through to a grit chamber. In this chamber, the flow velocity causes the grit to settle. A longitudinal screw conveyor carries over the settled grit to a grit classifier from where it is extracted and discharged using a third screw. A built in aeration system causes the oil and grease to float and be removed over a weir through a separate storage zone built into the tank. The process is fully automated and controlled through a PLC.

The packaged treatment plant is suited to handle flow rates up to 10,000 m³/hr.

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