Contra Shear

Contra-shear® Milliscreen® – Rotary Drum Screen Above channel by Johnson Screens Australia

The Contra Shear Milliscreen is the industry standard when it comes to rotary fine screening. The Contra Shear was developed in NZ over 35 years ago as the world’s first rotary screen. It’s self-cleaning, internally fed rotary screen with a range of slot sizes and gap types is suitable for a large range of industries and process streams with years of research and over 15,000 installations worldwide, Johnson Screens® has by far the most diverse application experience in the industry.

The Milliscreen is commonly installed above channel with the influent either pumped or flowing by gravity into the screen. A weir tank inside the screen drum balances the flow and distributes it evenly over the rotating screen drum. Solids are captured inside the screen drum where they are de-watered and discharged using a series of diverter plates.

The Milliscreen drum is cleaned by using water under moderate pressure through two sets of sparge pipes that operate intermittently through a control system.
The wide range of Milliscreen models are capable of handling flow rates from 0.6 to 3,360 m³/hr. Slot sizes from 0.25 to 6.0 mm with Vee-wire models and from 1.0 mm and up with perforated plate and mesh models.





Contra-shear® Sub o screen® – Rotary Drum Screen in-channel by Johnson Screens Australia

The Suboscreen from Johnson Screens is a self-cleaning, in-channel, semi-submerged rotary fine screen capable of handling high flow rates and is suitable for both municipal and industrial applications. The influent entering the Suboscreen changes direction through 90 degrees as it exits the screen resulting in a high capture of solids.
The self-cleaning rotary drum is installed semi-submerged in a channel resulting in a smaller foot print compared to competing screens. The Suboscreen includes an integral drainer screw press for screenings washing, dewatering and discharge.

The operation of the Suboscreen is normally linked to the level differential between the upstream and downstream levels in the channel.
The Suboscreen is capable of handling flow rates from 1,440 m³/hr to 14,400 m³/hr through a single unit. Slot sizes range from 0.5 mm to 6 mm on the Vee-Wire® models and 2 mm upwards on the perforated plate and mesh models.

  • Semi-submerged horizontal design
  • Solid discharge in the same direction as in-coming flow
  • Top water level app. 50% of screen drum
  • Common drainer screw press or fluming system











Spare Parts

Brickhouse supplies a range of spare parts for old and existing Contra Shear Screens (Johnson Screens), we also supply spare parts for a range of different screen.

  • Chains
  • Drums
  • Trunnions
  • Wheels
  • Drums
  • Screens
  • Sprockets

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