Conveyors and Compactors

A wide range of shaftless screw conveyors and compactors are on offer either as stand-alone units or integrated with other equipment. They can be applied for numerous industrial or commercial applications including paper mills, abattoirs, food production, refineries, etc, for either recovery or removal purposes or to convey screened solids. Johnson Screens has supplied single units over 40 metres long; extensions are also possible.

Solids are conveyed by a heavy-duty shaft-less screw spiral that rotates between wear resistant liners without any intermediate bearings. This method imparts high throughput without entanglement or clogging and significantly reduces and simplifies maintenance requirements. The spirals are highly resistant to wear and provide great durability for long periods of operation. Conveyors are available with single or dual screw spirals.

Where requirements dictate, screw shafts are also available and can be supplied as an alternative option to shaft-less screw spirals. Liners are supplied in various materials including high molecular plastics or stainless steel to suit the characteristics of the solids to be conveyed.

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