Paxxo Waste Bagging and Handling Systems

Longopac® Stand bag holders

bin bag holder

Longopac® Stand bag holders are manufactured from durable PP plastic. The legs are of anodised aluminium and the wheels are of galvanised steel. Choose between two sizes, Maxi, holding approx. 200 litres, or Mini, approx. 80 litres.

The ancillary bag cassette, Longopac®, for Maxi and Mini respectively is available in several thicknesses and colours and is delivered in compact packages including clips for closing the bags.

The Longopac® bag system is easy to use, practical and saves time. It is also a material saver and is economical with major environmental advantages.


  •  Loaded with 110 metre length bag cassette.
  • New bag always in place.
  • Bag always closed.


  • Bags are replaced and closed from the outside – no contact with the waste.
  • Waste spill around the opening is moved down into the next bag.
  •  Simple cleaning.

Environmentally sound

  • Longopac® bag material is manufactured from three-ply polyethylene.
  •  Low consumption of material and high strength.
  • Variable bag size always gives 100% filling – maximum use of material.
  •  Compact packages.


Longopac® Stand wall stand & Longopac® Stand Mini Net

A feature common to all Longopac® Wall Solutions is that they are easy to position and very practical for cleaning, since the floor space is free.

In laundry facilities, at wash basins and points of sale etc., we recommend Longopac® Flex Wall Mini designed as a net basket.


Longopac® Flex Wall Mini

The Longopac®Flex wall mini, intended for hygienic areas, pantries, check-outs, games areas etc. Holds a lot in a little space. Manufactured from powder sprayed wire basket, dimensions: width 380mm x length 250mm.


Longopac® Fill 1H and Longopac® Fill 2V

longofill 1v

The handling of screenings and grit is a well-known environmental problem for many wastewater treatment plants. Even if they are well ventilated high concentrations of bacteria and fungal spores are easily formed.

These are factors that create a very unpleasant atmosphere and an unhealthy environment, with a greater risk of chronic asthma, allergies, pulmonary tissue and intestinal diseases.

With Longopac® Fill, the problem is solved both practically, efficiently and economically. Longopac® Fill is a closed bagging system, so the screenings remained encapsulated from the discharge pipe right up to final storage, which provides both simple and hygienic handling.


Longopac® Cabinet


With Longopac® Cabinet built into your waste sorting walls and waste cabinets, you solve all your waste management problems once and for all. Longopac® Cabinet is available in sizes Maxi, Midi and Mini for flexible mounting in waste cabinets and behind waste sorting walls. Sturdy white cabinets are also available with pre-installed slides.


  •  Loaded with a bag cassette up to 110 m in length.
  • New bag always in place.
  • Bag always securely sealed.
  • Quick bag replacement – saves time.
  • Variable bag size for flexible replacement intervals.


  • Bags are replaced and sealed from the outside – no contact with the waste.
  • Spillages around the opening are collected by the next bag.
  • Simple to clean.

Environmentally Friendly

Longopac® Stand is loaded with Longopac® cassettes and these are available in a variety of strengths and colours.

  •  Longopac® bags are manufactured from three-ply polyethylene – low material consumption and high strength.
  •  Also available: Longopac® bags of compost-certified biodegradable plastic.
  •  Variable bag size always ensures bags are 100 % full.


Longopac® Bin

bullet bin

Longopac® Bin is a practical and hygienic solution for efficient waste management. The unique bagging system makes Longopac® Bin both economic and environmentally friendly. The barrel is easy to put on and take off, and the bag is quick to change. The sleek design allows the Longopac® Bin to blend in public environments such as restaurants, cafes, hotel lobbies and waiting rooms.


  •  The bullet bin is loaded with a bag cassette 55 meters in length.
  •  Variable bag size for flexible changing intervals.
  • New bag always in place.
  • Bag always securely sealed.
  • Quick bag replacement – saves time.
  • Less cleaning – waste never misses the bag.
  • Variable bag size always ensures bags are 100 % full.


  • No waste misses the bag.
  • No waste on the floor. Not even during bag change.
  • No contact with the waste.

Environmentally Friendly

  •  Longopac® bags are manufactured from three-ply polyethylene – low material consumption and high strength.
  • Longopac® Bin is loaded with a Longopac® cassette that is available in a variety of strengths and colours, as well as 100 % compostable for organic waste.


Longopac® Clean


The Longopac® Clean system has been designed for different clean space environments and effectively prevents the spread of dust particles and bacteria. Longopac® Clean thereby guarantees a better working environment.

Longopac® Clean is a closed bag system for contaminated waste and safety clothing.

The Longopac® Mini bag cassette is used together with Longopac® Clean.

External cabinet dimensions:
Height 1950 mm
Width 400 mm
Depth 550 mm

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