Pump Station – Collection system aeration

Reliant – Wet Well Wizard

The Wet Well WizardTM is the only ‘one-sizefits- all’ wet well aeration system that has no moving parts, is completely non-corrosive, is simple to install, requires no lifting chains, and utilizes no electricity underwater. It can be installed in 30 minutes and requires almost no maintenance. This patent-pending technology consists of a unique set of antipodal bubble cleaving disks inside a confined tube that cuts and shapes large air bubbles into high speed, spinning “FOG cutters”. For large wet wells (over 2.4m in diameter) multiple Wizards operate with the use of a single air generation source. The only maintenance is cleaning an air filter occasionally.

  • Dissolves FOG within hours
  • Eliminates odour completely
  • Eliminates the septicity of H2S in the wet well and downstream
  • Transforms the microbial population in the wet well to a completely aerobic population
  • Improves the water quality of the collection system to the point of pre-processing the water, which can improve wastewater plant operations

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