Triton Underdrains™


Application as reliable and efficient underdrain system in gravity filters in order to retain the granular filter media in place and also to optimize the collection of filtered effluent and distribution of air & water during backwash mode.


The TRI TON Underdrain™ system offered by Bilfinger Water Technologies is designed specifically for optimized collection and distribution with direct retention of the filtering media. It utilizes world renowned Johnson’s Vee-Wire® screen technology and our wealth of filtration technology experience. With more than 25,000 m2 of TRITON Underdrain™ installed, the TRITON ™ is the solution for all your filter beds needs.


The TRITON Underdrain™ system is made of Vee-Wire® filtering media support profiles that offer fine slots to suit the selected filter media specifications and U shaped perforated supports to allow flow control for both air and water.

The TRITON™ scalloped shaped element collects the filtered effluent and discharges it into a common flume, which in turn routes the water out of the filter. During backwash mode, the flow is reversed and air & water enter the flume and are directed into the underdrain.


  • Smooth, robust and plug free retention surface
  • Improved backwash effectiveness
  • Increased filter capacity
  • Lower power consumption
  • Elimination of filter bed upsets
  • Reduction in major downtime costs
  • Adaptable to any filter design
  • Faster and easier installation


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